I’ve had to take it easy on the bike since the end of July, when I suffered from viral labyrinthitis and was admitted to hospital. Whilst there they noticed an abnormality in my ECG, and so I’ve been awaiting further tests on my heart to get a diagnosis as to what may have caused it. I’m still allowed to ride my bike but have been advised not to go too hard, so I’ve been restricting myself to a maximum of heart rate zone 3.

Whilst cycling is still fun and enjoyable, I’ve been missing a certain something, and the other day I worked out that I’m missing the suffering – coming in from a hard session and feeling like I’ve made an effort. I know most of the time you don’t want to feel too bad when you come in, but beforehand I would regularly try beating my times on Strava segments which would obviously take me into zones 4 and 5. I’m missing going for sprints and trying hard, then feeling knackered afterwards. I wonder if physiologically not as many hormones are released?

I have a test next Thursday which will hopefully give some more insight as to whether I have anything wrong with my heart or not. I’m pretty stressed about it but am hopeful that whatever it is I’ll get the all-clear to resume cycling fast!

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