It’s been very cold recently, and I have also been very constrained time-wise, so all I’ve managed in the last week is a 30-minute turbo session. I took the time today to try and service the Carrera, and discovered that the chain is worn and needs replacing (an excuse to look at the Wiggle sale items, woo-hoo!) I’ve regreased and oiled the pedals to try and stop the annoying creaking noise, but it may be the chain contributing too.

I bought an app called The Roadie Bike Fit to try and improve my position on the bike, as I occasionally get knee pain. It costs £3.25 which is good value compared to how much a proper fit would cost, but obviously it isn’t going to be as good as the proper fit. I gave it a quick try today and it suggested lowering my saddle as my knee angle was too great. I’ll try and do it properly another day.

I’ve been doing some off-the-bike exercises – I started 30 day planking and squatting challenges, with the aim to get to 250 squats and 5 minutes planking by the end of the 30 days. I’ve got to the end of day 10 and can do 110 squats (albeit with a rest or two inbetween!) and plank for 60 seconds. Hopefully the improved core and leg strength will translate to better bike performance.

Great that pro cycling has started again, with the Tour Down Under and the Tour de San Luis both starting yesterday. Shame that Cavendish missed out yesterday but hopefully he’ll improve as the season goes on.

Not long until the RideLondon ballot results are announced!

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