My legs are getting better slowly – I don’t really notice my quadriceps tendons throughout the day now, just occasionally. My IT bands are still a little tight, at the moment I’m just going out for one ride a week (work, etc. has been getting in the way of cycling, I need a job where I’m paid to cycle!) and the IT bands only start getting sore towards the end of the ride.

I saw the cyclists finishing London-Southend on Sunday which made me a little depressed; this time last year I was much fitter having cycled to the start and come back via the long route, but I didn’t do it this year as my legs are suffering and I don’t think I’m fit enough to do it justice. It’ll be a long road back to fit as I have to nurse my legs for a bit longer, it’s very frustrating!

Out of sorts

Since completing the Essex Explorer at the end of May, I’ve only been on the road bike once due to sore legs. The ride obviously took quite a bit out of me, but then the day after that road bike ride I took Nicky to the mountain bike track at Hadleigh Farm. We spent about an hour there going around the pump track and the skills area (we had a look at the proper course but it’s a bit too steep for Nicky currently) and had a great time. However, my mountain bike is not the best and really doesn’t fit me very well, and I think going over all the bumps has knackered my legs!

The main areas of complaint are my quadriceps tendons and the IT bands on both sides. Not much I can do other than rest really, they’re getting better slowly. I might go out for a slow ride tomorrow just to see how my legs cope because it’s driving me mad not being able to cycle!