Out of sorts

Since completing the Essex Explorer at the end of May, I’ve only been on the road bike once due to sore legs. The ride obviously took quite a bit out of me, but then the day after that road bike ride I took Nicky to the mountain bike track at Hadleigh Farm. We spent about an hour there going around the pump track and the skills area (we had a look at the proper course but it’s a bit too steep for Nicky currently) and had a great time. However, my mountain bike is not the best and really doesn’t fit me very well, and I think going over all the bumps has knackered my legs!

The main areas of complaint are my quadriceps tendons and the IT bands on both sides. Not much I can do other than rest really, they’re getting better slowly. I might go out for a slow ride tomorrow just to see how my legs cope because it’s driving me mad not being able to cycle!

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