It’s been three weeks since I last went for a ride, due to illness and injury, but finally today I felt well enough and awake enough to go out for a quick ride. It’s been pretty windy recently (there were 50mph winds a few days ago), today was relatively calm but it was still a bit of a slog to get home! I’m very unfit but my legs didn’t feel too bad, my quadriceps tendons are a little tight but better than they have been.

I put some new tyres on the Carrera TDF, they’re Continental Gatorskin 25mms, should be a bit more comfortable.

Hopefully next week I’ll manage a few longer rides and start getting some fitness back…


This year just gets worse and worse. I managed to do my back in last week (by sneezing, of all things) so have been off the bike. I then got a nasty cold this week so have been exhausted! Hopefully by next week I’ll have fully recovered and be ready to restart training again.

I’ve got some new 25mm Gatorskins to put on the Carrera TDF – I’ve currently got 23mm Gatorskins on there but there is a bit of a slit in the back one which is only going to get worse, so time to switch. I’ve got 25mm on the Ribble so I know it’ll make things a bit more comfortable, looking forward to trying them out.