Injured again

2015 has not been a great year for me on the bike – either I’ve been injured or had a cold and my mileage for the year is terrible. My current ailment is a groin strain which has been around for a couple of weeks without seeming to get better. I managed a short bike ride on Monday (taking Nicky to capoeira, a 1.5 mile ride with Nicky in the child seat on the back) which wasn’t too bad but I did have to sit down for a while after.

I really hope 2016 is an improvement – I miss the training and the tired muscles, strangely! As well as the physical side of things, cycling is my main way of dealing with stress and being off the bike for so long is having a detrimental effect on my mental health 🙁

I’m also missing pro cycling – I really can’t get excited about football any more and can’t wait for racing to start again next month. If I can’t actually cycle it would be nice to at least get the adrenaline rush from watching it!

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