A light at the end of the tunnel

I had a call from the hospital earlier with regards to my surgery – my operation will be at the start of June so I should be back on my bike by the end of July, yay! I’m going to be starting from scratch, fitness-wise – but I suppose it gives an opportunity to put some proper base miles in while I fully heal and get myself properly fit. I cycled to the shops recently on my mountain bike, I was only on the bike for 8 minutes and I was breathless at the end of it!

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the pro cycling so far this year. Paris-Roubaix has to be the highlight, such an epic finale to the race – it’s a shame that Boonen didn’t win, I was sure he was going to get it once they got into the velodrome, but Hayman is also a worthy winner. It would have been nice to see Cancellara and Boonen going at it properly one more time too.

Not that long until the Giro d’Italia starts – time seems to be flying so far. It won’t be long before the Tour de France starts – by then I should be recovering from surgery and looking forward to cycling again myself!

I spent most of yesterday doing up my son’s bike – we bought it second-hand from a boot sale for £10. It’s perfectly rideable but was looking a bit worse for wear. I’ve sprayed the frame green (after removing all of the stickers, a very tedious job!) and replaced the tyres which were looking a bit stressed. I had to remove the mudguards as the new tyres are slightly larger than the old ones – for some reason it was impossible to find the correct size tyres anywhere. I’m pretty pleased with my efforts, I thought it was going to turn out to be a disaster! Now I just have to adjust the brakes and gearing and he’ll be ready to go – he’s signed up for some bike skills sessions in the next few weeks which are advertised as having races after – it’ll be interesting to see how he goes.

Nicky's bike post-overhaul
Nicky’s bike


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