The sun is taunting me

Apart from a brief cold period last week, the spring weather has been brilliant biking weather. I’m having visions of the wettest August on record once I’m finally back on my bike! Yesterday was lovely and sunny and it seemed like everywhere I looked there were cyclists. It was especially galling when I was stuck in traffic and the cyclists sped past!

My eldest son Nicky attended a skills session at the mountain biking track at Hadleigh a couple of weeks ago. There were about 30 kids there, split into two groups depending on age/ability. Nicky was in the younger group and they spent the session working on going slowly, track stands and cycling one handed. Nicky did really well – he needs some practise at taking his hands off the bars, but he managed a 3 second track stand which is amazing given that he’s never tried it before – not sure I’d manage one that long! Afterwards they had some races. Nicky was lacking a bit of confidence here, his speed is good but he takes a while to accelerate from standing, and the hill on the course got everyone pushing. Nicky’s bike is proportionally bigger than the others so he was a little slower here too. But he really enjoyed himself and is looking forward to the next session. The two guys leading the session were really good and engaged well with the kids, despite most of them not understanding the concept of a queue!

The Giro has started now and it’s great to see Kittel back in top form. He seems unstoppable right now, I wonder if Cav will be able to catch him when the Tour starts. It’ll be interesting to see the GC battle, Nibali hasn’t showed much form recently but he’s usually on form when it matters. It promises to be an exciting three weeks!

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