Almost there

Less than a week until my hernia op, hooray! Fingers crossed my recovery won’t take too long and I’ll be back on my bike in a few weeks. I am going to be so unfit but it won’t matter. I like the idea of getting myself fit again ‘properly’, i.e. lots of low level base training to set up a fitness base before starting to train harder. I’ll probably have to take it easy until I’m fully healed anyway.

I took Nicky to another training session at Hadleigh, this time the group as a whole was younger so Nicky was put into the ‘older’ group. He did well at the skills session, he is getting much better at going slowly and doing track stands, he even did a slalom downhill a couple of times and seems to have worked out that using his brakes will help slow him down! The racing was not so good but he was the youngest in his group and his bike isn’t great. A lot of the other kids have ‘proper’ bikes e.g. Islabikes, Orbea, Specialized – I might see if I can find a cheap second-hand one for him as I think the weight of his current bike is hampering him currently – it’s probably a little too big for him still.

The Giro had an amazing finish, unfortunately I missed the last GC day as I was out but I saw the stage before when Kruijswijk crashed and lost a lot of time. I think he probably would have won if he hadn’t crashed but obviously it’s a big if – Nibali obviously sensed something and was primed to attack on the descent which may have caused the crash. I’m glad Nibali found his form again – I don’t think he’s doping, I wish he would leave Astana though as otherwise people will just point the finger at his management.

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