I had my hernia repair surgery 3 weeks ago. I’m still a bit sore but will hopefully be back on the bike soon. Everything seemed to be going well but I think I may have overdone it recently. I’ll have to take it easy for a while to try and recover.

I bought myself a new helmet in anticipation of cycling again – the straps on my old helmet are past saving, they can’t be removed unfortunately and are yellow and stiff. I might try giving them a hard scrub and save the helmet for wet rides in future. My new helmet is a Giro Foray – it was only £30 on offer from Rutland Cycling and looks a bit more sleek than my old one. I also got myself a pair of Altura gloves which were also reduced to £10. All of my previous gloves have been cheap ones from Aldi/Lidl/Decathlon so it will be interesting to see if “proper” gloves are any better!

Me modelling my new Giro Foray helmet. Can't wait to use it properly!
My new cycle helmet

Not long to go now until the Tour de France (the football was just a distraction, especially considering how we played yesterday!) Looking forward to some epic sprinting and GC battles. I do wonder how well Cav will do given that he wasn’t able to outsprint Adam Blythe in the British championships over the weekend. I don’t know how hard the race was as I wasn’t able to watch it. Cav has obviously been training with the Olympics in mind but in theory I guess he would be heavier and stronger than if he was only riding on the road? So perhaps wearing the yellow jersey after stage one is still possible. I would dearly love that to happen but I think instead it will be either Kittel or Greipel who wins the first stage.

I still haven’t worked out who I’ll be rooting for in the GC. Froome has earned my respect but I still don’t especially like him. What would be great is seeing different people wearing yellow every day and multiple mountain stage winners. Maybe Pinot or Bardet can do something? Either way I’ll be glued to the screen every day!

I’ve changed the theme – I’m not sure I’ll keep this one but it’s a bit better than the original basic one so I’ll leave it for now.


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