It’s been a long time coming but I’m finally back on the bike! Needless to say it’s not been easy – my first ride lasted fifteen minutes and I managed 5.9km. I was pretty knackered, but not to the extent of when I first started cycling and couldn’t stand for 45 minutes! There was no pain as such from my surgery, it felt a bit strange like something was there but it didn’t hurt – I guess it’s numbness around where the mesh has been inserted.

I then managed a massive 8.8km for my second ride – I was reintroduced to the fun of a seafront headwind, which was pretty draining. I felt better than my first ride and probably could have managed a little further, but decided it was best to take it easy. I’m hoping to go out again tomorrow and maybe last for 45 minutes or so.

I’ve been enjoying the Olympics and especially the cycling – it’s much more bearable knowing that I can go out and cycle too and I’m not having to wait months! It’s been pretty nerve-wracking at times – I thought we’d blown it in the men’s team pursuit when we were behind at halfway, and even when it became clear the Australians had gone too hard it looked like it was going to be close.

I was happiest at the men’s omnium result and so pleased that Mark Cavendish finally has a medal. It would have been better without all the fuss about the crash but it was clearly a racing incident and Hansen in 3rd was happy that these things happen. Cav did brilliantly in the events that he was rubbish at last time – if only the elimination race had gone a bit more according to plan. He’s managed the maillot jaune and the Olympic medal – what odds on him completing the hat-trick and winning a rainbow jersey in Qatar?

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