Two steps forward, one step back. I was making reasonable progress and had worked my way up to a 46km ride. This left me absolutely worn out, mind! However, since then I’ve not been sleeping well and haven’t had the energy for cycling, especially as the summer sun has come back. It’s very frustrating not being able to take advantage of the good weather – the most I’ve managed is a 4km ride to and from the garage when dropping off the car.

I’ve been meaning to reorganise my bike stuff as everything is currently just thrown together on a shelf, making it difficult to find lights, gels and the like. Unfortunately I’ve got a lot of gels past their best before date – I’d stocked up just before getting a hernia. It’s ‘best before’ rather than use by so I’m tempted to just use them anyway. I discovered I had a huge tub of energy drink unopened which is handy as I was about to order another one! I’ve also been taking advantage of some generous SiS offers – I got their 12 free gels and free recovery shake, and I also bought their 4 hour pack with free Team Sky bidon. I think it’ll still be a while before I’m up to a 4 hour ride though! 

I need to get my winter bike sorted as the rear wheel is out of true. Ideally I would strip it and clean everything but I don’t really have time. I might do it with my summer bike over the winter and try and learn some new skills – the bottom bracket probably needs replacing by now. 

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