Six Day London

Last week I took Nicky to see the first day of Six Day London at the Lee Valley VeloPark. I’d been looking forward to it for ages, and was excited to finally get a chance to see Cav and Wiggo in action after they both missed out on the 2014 Tour de France stage 3 for various reasons. I’d been keeping my fingers crossed that Cav came through the Abu Dhabi Tour and the World Road Championships without getting injured and thankfully he came through unscathed (although unluckily missed out on the rainbow jersey to Peter Sagan).

We got to the Olympic Park twenty minutes before the doors opened but there was already a massive queue:

Queue to get into the velodrome
Queue queue queue…

We didn’t get in until after six but they started with the junior Madison race and the elite men didn’t get started until around 7.30pm. We had some great seats at the top of the bottom tier, and it transpired that several in-crowd TV segments with OJ Borg and Rob Hayles were shot right next to us – Nicky was very excited to see himself on the big screens inside!

It did take a while to get the elite events properly going and it soon became clear that this was very much a home crowd – any time Cav or Wiggo made a move the crowd went wild! When they took a lap in the Madison Chase it was amazing, although Nicky was a little confused by the proceedings. He still enjoyed himself though.

Cav and Wiggo
Cav and Wiggo resplendent in their rainbow jerseys

It was a very enjoyable evening and on the way out Nicky was demanding that we try to get tickets for the remaining nights (they were all sold out though!) He definitely wants a go on the velodrome once he’s old enough, so for his 12th birthday we might both sign up for the starter session. The only criticism of the evening I’d have is perhaps the music, sometimes it was a bit too loud and we couldn’t hear the commentary. The sprinters were enjoyable and they did well in getting the crowd worked up, especially when one of the Rotherham brothers won an event.

I’d definitely go again, although I wonder if Cav will do it next year assuming that Wiggo does retire. It’d be good to see some other big names taking part too.


Time for the winter bike…

The summer has definitely left us now and we’re into full on autumnal weather. Time to switch my summer and winter cycling drawers! I don’t mind the cold too much if I’m well wrapped up. It’s only if it’s cold, wet and windy all at the same time that it gets a bit frustrating! Although I do look back fondly on those days of cycling through snow and wind when getting fit for RideLondon!

I tried to do the Sufferfest video Rubber Glove last week but my heart rate monitor was all over the place so I abandoned five minutes before the end. No point in hurting myself when I’m not getting anything out of it! It’s taken my legs a while to recover, I think I’ll leave it a while before trying again. I’ll concentrate on just getting fit and pushing the distance as much as possible. Hopefully my heart rate monitor will stop spiking so much, I changed the battery but that didn’t help.

I’ll be taking my eldest son to see the London Six Day in a couple of weeks at the Olympic velodrome, really looking forward to seeing Cav and Wiggo in action, hopefully Cav will have been successful in Qatar. I’ve got to admit to feeling slightly uncomfortable about the whole TUE saga – Wiggo (and Cav) were what got me hooked on cycling and to see his performances called into doubt does not sit well. Even if it’s all legal, they must have known how it would look to outsiders? Especially the medication used. Froome comes out of it looking more respectable if anything.

Will be back out on my bike tomorrow and will try to push past 50km for the first time since I came back. Hopefully I will be able to catch up with a friend which will make the cycling effort slightly easier! I’ve got the winter bike all ready to go with a new chain, just need to fit the rear mudguard again. I’ve got some shiny new lights too so I should be a bit more visible!

Old chain vs new chain (plus bonus chain tool)
Old chain on the top, new chain on the bottom. Need to make sure I keep the new chain a bit cleaner!