Things have been very stop-start over the last few months. I’ve been unwell, not sleeping well and having various aches. Every time I string a few rides together something seems to go wrong, and the cold weather doesn’t help! I’ve also bought a new saddle and chamois cream to try and alleviate some issues down below. It’s taking some time to get the saddle adjusted but I think I’ve almost got it. 

The RideLondon ballot results will be announced soon and I’ve got my fingers crossed. It’ll give me a much needed kick up the bum to start training more intensively. If I don’t get a place I’ll have to sign up for some other sportives and start training anyway.

The pro season has started but it’s difficult to get excited about the Tour Down Under. It was nice to see Richie Porte finally win but the Aussies obviously get up to speed in time for the race whilst others are not quite so ready. At least when the races in the Middle East start it’ll be in my time zone so I can watch them live.

Time to get on the foam roller – I’ve ended up with a tight calf somehow, and my IT bands always need some attention… 

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