Two steps forward, one step back

I did seem to be making some progress, with 7 rides in two weeks leading to me thinking that I might start getting fit! But my youngest son threw a spanner in the works by waking us up in the middle of the night for a few nights, meaning I was too tired to go out. Despite this I have been trying to get out whenever possible. I did a reasonably quick ride on Sunday with an average speed of 27.4 km/h:

This is the fastest I’ve done this route in quite a long time! It was a bit windy going out but my speed coming back was not too bad. I need to start doing some endurance work soon but it was quite nice that I seem to be getting quicker.

Today’s ride was not quite so fast. Well, the first half was very fast, but the second half was into a 20 mph headwind!

I’ve been looking at various training plans but I think the most important thing for now is just to get out regularly and hopefully lose a bit of weight – the lycra is still too tight! Once I’m riding regularly again I’ll start planning some longer zone 2 rides and some hill work.

I keep seeing sales on for gels, etc. and have a shelf full of energy products. The trouble is that I had stocked up before my hernia injury and I’m still working my way through that backlog – I don’t really need gels until I start riding for more than 2 hours, so it’s taking a while! I did have to buy some more protein recovery recently as I seem to get through that quite quickly. Having taken a dislike to SiS’s chocolate flavour REGO Rapid Recovery (it really doesn’t taste like chocolate!), I’ve found that the vanilla is pretty nice so I’ve bought some more of that (again, thanks to an offer).

There are so many tempting offers available that I have to keep telling myself “no, you really don’t need that!” I guess this is part of being a cyclist 🙂

Some progress at last

Most of January was spent feeling tired and under the weather, so it’s with some relief that I finally seem to be able to cycle regularly again and get some sleep in the meantime! I’ve been for four rides in the last 8 days, although one was on a turbo trainer because quite frankly it’s too cold to go outside today!

As you can see from the image below, I was unsuccessful in the RideLondon ballot:

Boo #ridelondon

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So that’s four years out of five I’ve been rejected now. I wonder how the algorithm works – am I rejected because I managed to get a place in the first year? Although they have made noises previously about encouraging “non-cyclists” to take part, so I wonder if there is some filter on finish times. If you can finish too quickly you won’t get a place! Seriously, I know it’s a lottery and I’ll just have to enter and try again next year. Meanwhile I’ve entered myself and Nicky into the FreeCycle which should be fun, Nicky will be two years older than the last time we did it so we should manage to get some more loops in!

Anyway, back to my current progress. I managed a 44km ride on Tuesday and didn’t feel too bad after it. I was absolutely useless if the road went up though. There’s one hill which I did in my slowest time ever I think, I tried spinning up it but I wasn’t getting anywhere so had to stand on the pedals, and I just got slower and slower… any slower and I think I would have stopped!

My legs ache but not too badly, and things seem to be better down-below – hopefully the new saddle and chamois cream are making a difference!