Yet another setback

After feeling so positive after my last entry, disaster struck in the shape of a football-related injury. I bought a football for the kids to play with and we went down the park for a kick-about. It only took 5 minutes for my hamstrings to go. I was not happy to say the least – I’ve had to stay off the bike for a couple of weeks for everything to heal up. My right hamstring is still a bit sore but I’ve managed a few rides since.

Today’s ride was not especially good. As it was so windy, especially for the second half of my ride, I spent a lot of time in heart rate zone 4 just trying to stay moving!

Once my legs are properly better I’m going to try and get some base training done. I need to do some long 2-3 hour rides in zone 2-3, boring but essential if I’m going to do any centuries this year. It’s almost time for the Ribble to make an appearance as the weather is getting better. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to afford a bike fitting in the near future so I can stop all these niggly injuries and start managing some longer rides. I’d also like to actually start being able to ride a bit faster!


The pro season is well under way now and I managed to catch the last half hour of Milan-Sanremo. Watching Peter Sagan in full attack mode is awesome! He was clearly the strongest rider but Kwiatkowski finished it off perfectly. I reckon we’ll see quite a few more finishes involving Sagan, Kwiatkowski and Alaphilippe in the future.

It was a shame to see Cav unable to hold onto the back of the peloton on the Cipressa, I’d heard that he was ill beforehand but you never really know until the day. Hopefully he’ll build some form up ahead of the Tour.

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