Going nowhere fast

It’s been a long few weeks for me. I was too busy to find the time to go cycling, and if I wasn’t too busy I was too tired. The busy period is finally over and it’s lovely and sunny outside, but both my calf muscles are painful and as I’m going to Glastonbury next week I don’t want to risk hurting them any more. I’ve bought some calf supports which are really helping, and I’m finally getting a bit more sleep this week so hopefully I’ll be healed up soon. It’d be nice if I could go for a quick ride on Sunday for Father’s Day!

All my plans for the year have gone up in smoke it seems. I had a target of doing 5,000km in a year but that was always unlikely as even at my fittest I didn’t manage to do that much. I guess all I can hope for is that my legs recover soon and I can at least do one century before the summer’s out and I have to return to the Carrera. I’m getting old and there’s always something else to injure! What I’d really like to do is start training for a triathlon next year, but every time I run I seem to hurt something.

Giro D’Italia and other races

The Giro had an amazing conclusion and I’m really happy that Tom Dumoulin won – it wouldn’t have felt right if he’d lost after having his toilet stop on stage 16. It’s great to see a new face on top of the podium! Hopefully Dumoulin will target the Tour next year and give Froome et al a run for their money.

It was good to see Mark Cavendish racing again today in the Tour of Slovenia – hopefully he comes through the race unscathed and will be in a position to start the Tour de France. Fingers crossed!

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