Not going anywhere fast

I updated my VeloViewer profile today and my cycling distance for the year has sadly plateaud since RideLondon! I was on course to break all previous records at one point, but my ambitions have changed since the big ride.

VeloViewer year stats

I’m still cycling a few times a week but that’s mainly for transport, I’m using my road bikes but only to go a few kilometres here and there. Recently I’ve been concentrating on trying to run. I finally went to get gait analysis done and it turns out that I overpronate slightly, so have got some Saucony Omni 16s to help support me. I’ve been out running a couple of times and haven’t suffered any calf injuries (yay!) but the first time left me with a sore IT band near my knee and the second time left me with a sore ankle. I will get there eventually I’m sure!

What with having started learning capoeira as well, my free time has been reduced recently. The weather certainly doesn’t help motivate me to go for a ride either. I know it makes me feel better mentally and physically though, so I’m going to try and find the time for a quick 24km spin soon.

Site change?

I’m considering turning this into a general fitness blog rather than specifically cycling, given that cycling no longer takes up the majority of my time spent training. I’m really enjoying learning capoeira and would like to find the time to attend an extra lesson each week. I think that would help me progress much faster, but it means less time doing something else. I’m determined to become a decent runner and complete a triathlon before my 40th birthday. Something’s got to give somewhere I guess! For now I will just keep going and try to strengthen my calf muscles and become a better runner.

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