2018 review

It’s not quite the end of 2018 but it seems unlikely that I’ll get out for any long rides before then, so I might as well look back at the year now. All things considered, I think the year has been reasonably successful. I’ve been doing HIIT training for over a year now and am feeling overall much fitter and stronger. Whilst continuing that I somehow found the time to train for the RideLondon-Surrey 100 – I didn’t beat my target time but some of that can definitely be put down to the terrible weather conditions. I also finally got to take my bike to the Isle of Wight and enjoy the quiet country roads there.

I’ve done over 3,500km on the bike this year. It’s not near my best years for distance but it’s considerably more than I’ve managed in any year post 2014. I’ve lost a bit of weight, I’m still over 13 stone but I’m at the bottom end of 13 stone rather than the top end now. I’ve bought running shoes and am determined to get good at running, although I’ve been suffering IT band issues in recent weeks. I’ve also starting learning capoeira and am thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve got a long way to go before I’m any good at it though!

I was sent a video from BHF to thank me for my fund-raising efforts – I raised £245 for them by taking part in RideLondon.

I’ve got to get back out on the bike soon, if only to debut my Mr Grumpy long-sleeved jersey that I bought at the RideLondon sign-on! I just wish I had more free time. It’s getting impossible to fit in everything that I want to do – capoeira, running, cycling, HIIT training. I need to stay active though for the sake of my physical and mental health! 

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