Still not getting anywhere

Apart from the year when I was suffering from a hernia, this has been my worst year for cycling so far. I’ve only been on a couple of rides unfortunately. The main things stopping me from doing more are:

  • Lack of time – work is keeping me busy, as well as circuit training and capoeira
  • Injuries – I’m determind to get better at running but I still keep getting injuries which is very frustrating
  • Lack of sleep – usually when I’m planning to go for a ride, something will stop me sleeping the night before (usually a child)

My inspiration last year for training more was getting a place on RideLondon – sadly, this year I didn’t get a place:

I know that cycling makes me feel better (physically and mentally) but it’s felt like I’ve not had enough hours in the day recently. I must do better.

Running isn’t going much better – the last time I went out for a 5km run, I hurt the outside of my left knee after 2km and had to cut it short. It seems like my IT band is getting irritated. Cycling would sometimes cause problems there but as I’ve not been cycling much recently that’s not the issue! I might need to go and have more gait analysis, or maybe even get some physio.

Capoeira is going OK though, I’m almost getting the hang of doing armada com martelo. I’m still finding it very tiring getting through an hour, even though I seem to be getting fitter in other ways. Hopefully I should be attending my first festival next month and possibly getting my first cord!

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