Plastic bag

I’ve not been riding much recently. Mostly because of a lack of free time! I did have an incident with a plastic bag last September which put me off for a bit. It was a windy day and I was cycling on the road when I noticed a plastic bag in front of me. I swerved to avoid it but at the last minute the wind blew it into my path. It was a quite a thick bag which wrapped itself completely around my cassette, ripping the derailleur from the hanger and taking out several spokes in the process. Bugger.

Thankfully my local friendly bike mechanic was able to get it roadworthy for around £130. But I didn’t go out at all over winter, mainly due to a nasty cough which has been hanging around for months. I have been out twice in recent weeks though and feel better for it. Hopefully work will ease a bit soon and I can do some longer rides. Nicky wants to do one of the shorter RideLondon routes next year so if he is serious I might have an excuse to get me training again!

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