Cycling Ambitions

Previous Targets

I set myself some targets when I first got the Carrera TDF, which I’ve now met:

  • End of 2012 – complete the Southend Bikeathon (27 miles)
    I thought 27 miles would be difficult, but by September 2012 I was regularly going further so the distance would not be a problem. It was my first cycling event.
  • End of 2013 – complete a half century (50 miles)
    My initial plan had been to take part in the London-Southend 2013 ride which is around 52 miles. After getting a place on RideLondon I did a half century whilst training.
  • End of 2014 – complete a century (100 miles)
    I thought I’d be up to doing a century by the end of 2014, but ended up doing two in 2013 – the Wiggle Essex Explorer and RideLondon.
  • End of 2015 – complete three centuries
    I only managed one century in 2015 due to injury – I seemed to get one niggly injury after another.
  • End of 2016 – get back on the bike!
    I suffered a hernia injury towards the end of 2015 which made cycling too painful to do for extended periods, so I spent most of the year waiting for surgery and recovering.
  • End of 2017 – get fit!
    This didn’t really happen for various reasons – I was always getting injured and had sore calf muscles. This has finally been rectified.
  • End of 2018 – complete RideLondon-Surrey 100
    I managed to complete the ride without any problems but couldn’t beat my target time of 6 hours due to the weather – it was very wet and windy!

Future Targets

  • 2019 – try and regain some fitness
    I’ve not cycled much this year – hopefully I can get out a bit more before the end of the year
  • 2020 – complete a triathlon (before I reach 40)
    Whilst not strictly cycling (Rule #42), it’s related, and I have a bet with Anna that I’ll complete a triathlon before I reach 40 (with £50 to charity at stake). The cycling component would be straightforward, but I’m never had much stamina whilst running. I’d have to train at swimming too (my breast stroke is OK but I’d have to master front crawl for a triathlon).
  • Cycle up a proper mountain
    I have a few King of the Mountains on Strava, but none of them are actually up a mountain! The highest hill I’ve climbed is Box Hill, but I’d love to do a proper mountain whether in the UK, France or further afield. I would love to take part in a big event like the Fred Whitton, La Marmotte, etc. but those will require huge amounts of training!

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