My Bikes

I am currently the proud owner of three bikes:

Carrera TDF

This was my first proper bike, bought in March 2012 from Halfords for around £329. It has a Shimano 2300 groupset with 16 gears. It’s now serving as my winter bike, having fitted some mudguards – it also has Shimano R501s after upgrading the wheels on the Ribble. It’s not fast or glamorous but it’s still fun to ride and good for winter miles.

Carrera TDF

Ribble New Sportive Racing (2013)

I bought this in May 2013 after getting a place on RideLondon. It’s got a carbon frame and fork and it cost around £1100 with a Shimano Tiagra groupset. I’ve since made a few upgrades – the front and rear derailleurs are now Shimano Ultegra, and the wheels have been upgraded to Superstar PAVE 28s. It is much quicker than the TDF! It’s so much fun to ride and I can’t wait for the summer months so I can get this out of the shed again.

Ribble New Sportive Racing

Scott Aspect 750 (2019)

I bought this to give me something more comfortable to ride when riding with my kids – the Firefox Ranger below is too small for me. I’ve only had the Scott for a couple of days but I’m enjoying it so far and looking forward to venturing off-road.

My Scott Aspect 750 mountain bike

As per The Rules I am always on the lookout for an n+1, I think my next bike will probably be a gravel bike so I can go properly off-road.




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